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Useful Italian Phrases

Italian is spoken in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City.

Phrase Translation Pronounciation
Ciao Hi chow
Buon giorno Good morning bwohn johr-noh
Buon pomeriggio Good afternoon bwohn poh-meh-ree-gio
Buona sera Good evening bwohn-ah-seh-rah
Come sta? How are you? koh-meh sta
Arrivederci Goodbye ah-ree-veh-dehr-chee
Ci vediamo See you chee veh-dee-ah-moh
Grazie Thank you grah-tsyeh
Per favore Please perh fah-voh-reh
Si Yes see
No No no
Mi scusi Sorry mee skoo-zee
Dov'è il bagno? Where is the bathroom? doh-veh eel bah-nyoh
Non capisco I don't understand nohn kah-pees-koh
Mi chiamo ... My name is ... mee kee-ah-moh ...
Ho bisogno del suo aiuto I need your help oh bee-zoh-nyoh dehl swoh ah-yoo-toh
Ti Amo I love you tee ah-mo
Uno One uoo-no
Due Two doo-eh
Tre Three tray
Quattro Four kwat-tro
Cinque Five chenk-kweh
Sei Six seh-ee
Sette Seven seh-teh
Otto Eight od-toh
Nove Nine no-veh
Dieci Ten dyeh-che
Cento One hundred chen-toh