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Basic Information:

Official Name: Republic of Sudan
Population: 37,964,000
Area: 2,506,000 km2
Capital City: Khartoum
Major Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Currency: Sudanese pound (SDG)
Exchange Rate: N/A
Time Zone: GMT +2
Current time: 04:43am
Phone Country Dialing Code: 249
Region: Africa
Language: Arabic
Useful Travel Phrases in: Arabic

Climate ():

Practical Travel Information:

Official Tourism Website:
Electricity: 230V
Electrical Socket:

Type C

Type D

Travel Cost: $ ($ = cheap, $$$$$ = expensive)
Main Attractions:
  • Gebel Barkal
  • The ancient royal cemetery of Meroe

Health Advisory:
  • Yellow Fever (Vaccination certificate may be required if coming from infected area)