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Basic Information:

Official Name: People's Republic of China
Population: 1,360,720,000
Area: 9,596,960 km2
Capital City: Beijing
Major Religion: Taoism, Buddhism
Currency: Yuan (CNY)
Exchange Rate: N/A
Time Zone: GMT +8
Current time: 03:26am
Phone Country Dialing Code: 86
Region: Asia
Language: Mandarin
Useful Travel Phrases in: Mandarin

Climate ():

Practical Travel Information:

Official Tourism Website:
Electricity: 220V
Electrical Socket:

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Travel Cost: $ ($ = cheap, $$$$$ = expensive)
Main Attractions:
  • The Great Wall
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Tomb of Qin Shihuang
  • Forbidden City
  • Yungang Caves

Health Advisory:
  • Yellow Fever (Vaccination certificate may be required if coming from infected area)

China is the world's most populous country. It comprises of 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities and two self-governing special administrative regions. Although the capital city is Beijing, the largest city in the country is Shanghai. Aside from the official language Standard Chinese (aka Mandarin), other languages, such as Mecanese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Zhuang are spoken in different areas.

  1. Beijing Municipality (Capital: Beijing; Area: 16,800km2)
  2. Tianjin Municipality (Capital: Tianjin; Area: 11,305km2)
  3. Hebei Province (Capital: Shijiazhuang; Area: 187,700km2)
  4. Shanxi Province (Capital: Taiyuan; Area: 156,300km2)
  5. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Capital: Hohhot; Area: 1,183,000km2)
  6. Liaoning Province (Capital: Shenyang; Area: 145,900km2)
  7. Jilin Province (Capital: Changchun; Area: 187,400km2)
  8. Heilongjiang Province (Capital: Harbin; Area: 454,000km2)
  9. Shanghai Municipality (Capital: Shanghai; Area: 6,341km2)
  10. Jiangsu Province (Capital: Nanjing; Area: 102,600km2)
  11. Zhejiang Province (Capital: Hangzhou; Area: 102,000km2)
  12. Anhui Province (Capital: Hefei; Area: 139,700km2)
  13. Fujian Province (Capital: Fuzhou; Area: 121,300km2)
  14. Jiangxi Province (Capital: Nanchang; Area: 167,000km2)
  15. Shandong Province (Capital: Jinan; Area: 153,800km2)
  16. Henan Province (Capital: Zhengzhou; Area: 167,000km2)
  17. Hubei Province (Capital: Wuhan; Area: 185,900km2)
  18. Hunan Province (Capital: Changsha; Area: 210,800km2)
  19. Guangdong Province (Capital: Guangzhou; Area: 180,000km2)
  20. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Capital: Nanning; Area: 236,000km2)
  21. Hainan Province (Capital: Haikou; Area: 34,000km2)
  22. Chongqing Municipality (Capital: Chongqing; Area: 82,300km2)
  23. Sichuan Province (Capital: Chengdu; Area: 485,000km2)
  24. Guizhou Province (Capital: Guiyang; Area: 176,000km2)
  25. Yunnan Province (Capital: Kunming; Area: 394,000km2)
  26. Tibet Autonomous Region (Capital: Lhasa; Area: 1,228,400km2)
  27. Shaanxi Province (Capital: Xi'an; Area: 205,600km2)
  28. Gansu Province (Capital: Lanzhou; Area: 454,300km2)
  29. Qinghai Province (Capital: Xining; Area: 721,200km2)
  30. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (Capital: Yinchuan; Area: 66,400km2)
  31. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Capital: Urumchi; Area: 1,660,400km2)
  32. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Capital: Hong Kong; Area: 1,104km2)
  33. Macau Special Administrative Region (Capital: Macau; Area: 29km2)